Friday, March 20, 2009

The Latest on Husband's Health

Another quick update about my husband's health. He has been struggling to quit smoking since my last update. He has been using the nicotine patch and still will sneak a few cigarettes. Today he said he only had one.

But today he got a prescription for Chantix, which is a pill that is supposed to be very affective in quitting. I know some people who have had success with it. He actually received it for free through a program he go into. So that is also cool, since it costs like $130.00 for a months prescription.

In order to get it free he had to see another doctor. This doctor said she was sceptical about the COPD diagnosis. She said he doesn't have that and if he did they wouldn't have put him on this particular inhaler he his on. She said they would have put him on one that is different for COPD. I think the original doctor may have over embellished my husband's diagnosis.

Anyway, one way or the other, he should and will do his best to try to quit smoking. Since he doesn't want it to develop in any way into COPD.