Thursday, July 31, 2008

Download As Much Music As You Can

Do you like to download music and ringtones, but hate paying the per song fees? Well there is a website called and it is an "all you can eat" music destination. This means that you can download all the music you want for a low monthly fee.

Don't worry either, it is fully legal, and endorsed by all major record companies. They have a 1.5 million track catalogue now with CD quality to choose from, and there is no limit to what you can download.

Try a Free 7 Day Trial and see how much free music you can download in 7 days. Sounds like a great deal. I personally hate paying the "per song fee." So with this 7 day free trial and a low monthly fee it sounds like I really could get my money's worth from this deal. Check out their website to start your Free 7 Day Trial and see if you can download as much music as you can handle!

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  1. Wow, totally cool! Thanks for introducing me to this. My husband will eat it up!