Wednesday, July 2, 2008

You've Got The Look

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This is a picture of me. Does it look like I have the "Look." Unfortunately my flirting days are over.I've been married now for 14 yrs, so don't do any flirting nowadays, only with my husband. I guess I could try giving him the look!

But I remember the days of flirting. I guess my biggest flirting days, were when I was in college.

I really wasn't much of a flirter, I was kind of shy. But back in college there were more chances to try out your flirting skills. In college every Friday and Saturday night there were lots of parties to try to 'spark' someone's interest. I remember my friends used to use all kinds of tactics to get some guys attention.

My friends would go to all the parties and try to give some guy 'The Look' from across the room. Never mind that they didn't know the guy from a hole in the wall! A few times the flirting paid off and the girls would 'pick the guy up.' It was all in fun and just innocent flirting!

But enough about me and my long ago college days.Now Extreme Style by VO5 is having an Ultimate Flirting Championship. Try out this fun game above to see if you can achieve Victory Hair. It's really a fun game. Go on give it a try. I guess it's never to late to have fun with flirting!

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  1. hi again,
    we just might go to Westford for the long weekend ahead! though i'm not sure how far it is from Quincy:)
    btw, yes you've still got the look! i've been married almost as long as you!:)

  2. Ah flirting one thing I am not good at lol even though I am not single. I'm terrible at it.

  3. Still gorgeous as ever. Take Care!