Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Great Camping Trip in Crawford Notch, NH

Came back late Sunday afternoon from our camping trip. Sorry didn't post anything sooner. One thing about camping is when you get home, you need a few days recovery time. And also lots of putting away of stuff and laundry, etc.

But anyway we had a great time camping this past weekend. We went to a really nice campground, called Crawford Notch General Store and Campground. It was our first time there. When you first try somewhere new, you never know what to expect. But we were pleasantly surprised by this campground. It was great. And believe me I've been to some that are less than great.

We usually like to go to State Parks, which I usually really love. But once in awhile, like this time we tried a "private" campground. It was my husband, 2 kids, me and my sister and her boyfriend on our "annual 4th of July camping trip." I like to go a lot during the summer, but it's the one trip were my sister can usually go.

Crawford Notch, NH is a very interesting place. There was a lot of history to it. Crawford Notch
is the steep and narrow gorge of the Saco River in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, located almost entirely within the town of Hart's Location.

Interesting facts I found out about the town Hart's Location is that there is only like 40 residents in the whole town! The General Store on this campground has been running since sometime in the '50's and was the first location to get electricity in the town. They didn't even get electricity until 1970!

Another interesting spot we visited was a historical site called The Willey House. The site is at the foot of a mountain and the story is of a family called the Willey's. Back in 1826 there was an avalanche. The family escaped the house because they thought they would have a better chance of surviving, only to have all of them killed in the avalanche. And the house remained standing! It was very interesting and I love stuff like that. Read more here if your interested: Willey Family.

There is many hiking trails in the area. We tried one which was very cool. The mountains were beautiful! The swimming is in the river. The campground was located right on the Saco River. There was a very cool "swimming hole" in the campground. The water was extremely cold though! But very clean!

There is also Black Bear in the area, and you have to be aware of keeping your food in your car, and your trash put away at night. We didn't see any, but still tried to be careful. There are also lots of Moose in the area. I would have liked to see a Moose. Unfortunately I didn't see one, but my sister and her boyfriend did on their way there! Lucky them.

If your ever in the NH area I really recommend the Crawford Notch General Store and Campground. We liked it so much we are thinking about going back at the end of this month.

That's some of the highlights from my camping trip. Below are some pictures I took. In an upcoming post I may post some
tips on camping.


  1. Beautiful Camping site. Wish we were all there too!! She is happy in the water unlike the other look when you were trying to snap a photo of her in earlier post.

    Shrek from MyBlogLog

  2. What a beautiful wild nature! Since I'd been graduated from collage,I'd never camping again. I miss the joy and fun with good old friends in camping.

  3. Your camping trip looked like fun. To bad I live so far away or I would check this place out.

  4. Sounds like a great time. The pics are excellent.

  5. Hi,
    My name is John Barron, and my family owned five grand hotels in Crawford Notch and surrounding area, from 1872-1977.The Crawford House once stood near the large green bulding, by the R.R. station in the notch, called the Highland center. My grt grandfather Asa Barron bough her in 1872 and she burned in 1977 at the age of 118 years. Come back sometime, and maybe I'll see you up there.
    J Barron