Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Cabin Cuddler

Do you do a lot of air travel? Well you've probably heard that airlines are cutting back on things that used to be complimentary. Like snacks and drinks and also pillows and blankets. They haven't officially said they are not handing out pillows and blankets, but they are phasing them out. And pretty soon you won't be able to find them on airplanes.

Also if you do end up finding one, it probably has been sitting around for awhile, and won't be very clean. You also might be wondering why do I need a blanket in the summer? Well if you've been on a plane lately you know how much they turn on the air conditioning. And it can be downright chilly on there. It's also when people are wearing T-shirts, shorts, and summer attire. Then when you get on the plane it's cold!

That's were the Cabin Cuddler would come in handy. It's a blanket (that is long enough to cover you're whole body.) And comes in with an inflatable pillow that blows up easily. It all comes in a handy tote bag that can be carried right on the airplane. And the tote bag turns into your personally hygienic pillow case.


When I went to Disney World recently, I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, because it was so hot in Florida. Only to get on the plane and freeze the whole way home! This travel blanket really would have been great then.

The Cabin Cuddler also would be nice if you have a layover somewhere and get stuck in the airport. If you end up having to sleep in the airport, you'd already have your own blanket and pillow!

The Cabin Cuddler also could be used at work. Work in an office where they crank up the air conditioner? By the end of the day you're freezing. You could use the Cabin Cuddler discreetly at your desk to warm up.

If you get cold at work, the airlines or anywhere you really should check out the Cabin Cuddler.

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