Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Transform Your House with Renuzit TriScents!

I received my Renuzit TriScents kit in the mail. I was very excited to start using it! I opened the box and read the directions. It was very easy to assemble. And couldn't wait to try it out.

I knew immediately what room I was going to use it in. My cellar was where I knew I should put my Renuzit air freshener. My cellar is a play room and extra TV room for the family. My kids hang out there and watch TV or play video games. When my kids aren't down there, my husband is down there watching TV and relaxing after work. Sounds great right?

The only problem is that the cellar is also kind of damp and can smell musty. We have a dehumidifer down there but it doesn't always help. Also it gets more humid down there in the summer. And to top it all off, it's also the only place where I can keep my cat's litter box! When you walk down my cellar stairs, unfortunately, the first thing you smell is the litter box. Yuck.

I really am tired of the smell down there. But since I plugged in the Renuzits TriSents air freshner all I smell is Seaside Breezes! I love it! I walk down stairs and instead of being hit with the cat litter smell and mustiness, I'm struck by a great fragrence of Seaside Breezes.

Another thing about the Renuzit air freshner is that it has three different scents. Each sent goes off for forty-five minutes, and then changes to the next scent. Because did you know that when you get used to a fragrence, you stop smelling it? So having it change every forty-five minutes you won't get used to that particular smell, and you'll keep on smelling it! That's a great idea!

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