Tuesday, July 13, 2021

The tech to take on your next road trip

 The road trip has become synonymous with spending time outdoors and for many this will mean being away from tech that we use and need in our daily lives. There is, however, some really useful tech that you will still need on your road trip. Go through the suggestions in this article and you will be surprised at how many of these you needed on your last road trip, and how easy these fixes are to implement.


Ensure that the vehicle you use has solar fitted, with all the right connections to be able to charge your mobile devices, smart watch and tablets. If you intend to explore off-grid, then solar becomes a necessity and you must ensure that the vehicle is solar ready. The batteries take up the most space, so be sure to ask the right questions and check that the batteries you need to transport are not adding too much weight, affecting your fuel bill.


Many a road tripper will note that it is pointless to fit a television as the signal is always really bad on the road and the added expense for digital or streaming TV is not worth it. However, there are some great, simple ways to improve your caravans TV signal and having access to a screen that works while driving, can go a long way towards a more peaceful trip. Whether it is for the local news or weather or just being able to veg in front of the box after a long day at the wheel, having a television on the trip is an essential piece of tech for many.


Whether it is a satellite phone you need, or your mobile phone suffices, you will need to have a good form of communication both for emergencies as well as for the obligatory catch up with friends and family. For those planning to work while on the trip then having Wi-Fi and on-going connectivity will be key.

Parking assistance

Either have parking assistance fitted in the motorhome or campervan upon purchase or do a retrofit. Having a set of eyes watching and assisting you park will be a relief when it comes to squeezing the vehicle into a normal sized parking spot, or against a set of barriers and getting through narrow gates and entrances. If over 20% of all accidents happen in parking lots or garages, then having the tech to protect you is a good move to make.

A good coffee machine

It might not be recognized as tech in the real sense of the term but having a great coffee/expresso making machine is critical for the coffee drinkers out there going on a road trip. You will be surprised at how many bad coffee spots there are once you get tasting, so the most sensible thing is to have the ability and tech to make your own.

If you are new to the campervan or motorhome travel segment, then you will need to do as much reading as possible to pick up on all the tips that the experienced road trippers share online. These tech tips are based on trial and error and many long hours on the road; ensure that you learn from them.

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