Monday, November 10, 2008

Movie Weekend

Well even though I had a bad experience with the library book that I couldn't get out (Read Here), I still got out some things at the library.

Some were DVDs and videos. My daughter picked out a bunch of them to take home. One we watched Sunday morning was "Freaky Friday." And I'm not talking about the remake with whats her face. I'm talking about the original with Jodie Foster. I liked the remake ok, but the original is really cool too. And brings back childhood memories.

I remember going to see it when it came out in the movies! On the DVD was a "looking back" section with Jodie Foster talking about making the movie, and she said the movie was made in 1976 I guess. So I was 8 years old when it came out! My mother and two sisters and I all went to see it at the movie theater. And I remember we really liked it. I love all those corny Disney Movies. It is still funny to watch even today. If you get a chance rent the original, the kids really liked it and so did I.

We also watched "The Cat in the Hat," with Mike Myers. We had seen it once before. I don't totally love this one, but my daughter seemed to like it.

Also Saturday night my husband and I watched a movie after the kids went to bed. We watched "Stop-Loss." The main actor in it was Ryan Phillipe. It is "loosely" based on the war, and how soldiers can be sent back to the war, after they've already completed their duty. It was an ok movie, sort of depressing. But I guess war is depressing. It was actually pretty realistic, that's what made it depressing.

We got out a few more that we didn't watch yet. So we had a movie weekend. And the best part is we got some free entertainment for the weekend getting them from the library. As long as I remember to return them all on time. That's another story!

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  1. Hi Sue,
    Sorry you had a bad experience at the library. I agree, the book is kinda useless if you can't enjoy it at home. There are rules almost every where we go, it seems. That was really good though that you got to rent some free movies to watch. I enjoy watching movies. I have never seen the original with Jodie Foster on Freaky Friday. I did like the remake with Jamie Lee Curtis and Lindsay Lohan. You got a bargain at the library, thanks for sharing this tip with us. Have a great week! :-)