Thursday, November 13, 2008

The Sproutwells Are Techi-holics

The Sproutwells are at it again! This time they are techi-holics. They are ordering all kinds of things from freshfunds. Ruby Red wants to order a MP3 player, a portable DVD player and a digital camera.

If you want some of these cool items too, then join to win some prizes. You can bid on the prizes by accumulating points. To accumulate points you can buy healthy foods such as Chiquita Fruit and Veggie Bites, Fresh Express Gourmet Cafe Salads, and Fresh Express Packaged Salads.

Some other prizes you can win are an elliptical machine, ultimate ski weekend for two, and a Nintendo Wii Fit. You can also use your points for charity donations if you like.

So buy some healthy food from Fresh Funds and Chiquita and you could be rewarded with some great prizes, just like the Sproutwells.


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