Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Forgot an Appointment

I was supposed to go to a conference with my daughter's teacher today. Or so I thought. The conference was actually yesterday! I totally missed the appointment.

I thought I was supposed to meet with the teacher at 4:10 today (after my daughter gets home from school) to have the annual parent/teacher conference. Around 3:45 I was getting ready to leave shortly when my daughter informed me that the meeting was supposed to be yesterday! I even have it written on my calender for Monday not Tuesday, but for some reason just kept thinking it was today. I can't believe I did that! I totally missed the appointment. I wonder what the teacher thinks, it was totally unintentional I just totally got the days mixed up.

Oh well there is nothing I can do about it now. I emailed her as soon as I realized what had happened and explained. I didn't hear back from her yet. But I just wanted her to know that I didn't intentionally not show up. I don't usually do stuff like that! We'll just have to reschedule after the Thanksgiving break. Or my daughter mentioned the teacher just might have like a phone conference with me.

I really beat myself up over stupid stuff like this. Oh well mistakes happen. Now I have an conference tomorrow at my son's school. I checked and double checked the date and time on that and I should be able to make it!


  1. I have done that before...but I went the next day and looked like a total goof, instead of it being caught before I left. I actually felt like a kid being reprimanded. At least you didn't go so far as showing up a day late, that is some consolation.

  2. Hi Sue,
    I have done this before on other things and it's apart of life. I'm sure your daughter's teacher will understand. She will appreciate the kind email you sent her. It will show to her that you are a sincere person. Thanks for all the small talks. Have a safe Happy Thanksgiving with your family! :-)

  3. Hi Sue,

    I'm always meticulous with appointments too, and yet since I have completely forgotten some.

    I think it's caused by all the demands on your attention.

    The unfortunate side-effect is that you don't trust yourself anymore... I double check everything, and still I worry.

    Oh well, I guess that's why God created calenders and diaries.