Thursday, November 6, 2008

Tuesday's Voting

Thanks everyone for commenting on my post "I promised a Girl Scout I'd Vote." Well just wanted to let everyone know, I voted Tuesday around 2:30 pm. And I was so happy to see that there was no wait! We got right in!

Someone who works there said the line was all the way out the door in the morning and it was over an hour wait earlier in the day. So I was glad we went when we did. We missed the morning rush, and the rush that I think may have happened later when people got out of work.

The other thing that was cool, was that my husband and I answered an exit poll on the way out. Usually I just go right past the people asking you to do that, but since the voting went so quick and easy we figured why not. We filled out a sheet that was questions on both sides. And it was a poll for ABC, CNN and she said another station, I can't remember. But the cool part was that last night on ABC they went over all these statistics from these questions I answered. So I thought that was exciting that I actually answered these questions that they were talking about on ABC.

So that's how my voting experience went. I'm just glad it's all over, until another 4 years!

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