Saturday, November 29, 2008

Tell Santa What You Want For Christmas

I Just told Santa what I wanted for Christmas. And I didn't even leave the house to do it. I did it on the a website for Ceiva Digital Photo Frames.

This is a really cool website where you can upload your picture and then Santa actually receives it in his workshop! You also tell Santa and his elf your name and what you want for Christmas. Then your picture shows up on the picture frame in his workshop. Santa then checks his book, and your name appears in it, with what you asked for. He checks with his elves if you will get what you want. He even calls out your name! It was very cool. My daughter is not home this weekend but I plan on showing her this cool website when she gets home. I think she'll really get a kick out of it.

You can actually purchase a Ceiva Digital Frame. And when you upload a photo from your computer or cell phone, it will appear on the photo frame! So if grandparents, have it at their house you can send them pictures of the kids right to their photo frame! Or any one else who would love to get your pictures. This is so cool!

There is also a contest called Got a Wish Sweeepstakes! Where 29 winners will be chosen, one each day of the contest. And there will be a cash prize of $500.00 per winner. So check out this cool website, frame and contest!


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