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Exclusive Discount Code for Dragon Naturally Speaking

You've seen me write about Dragon Naturally Speaking before. Here is some more information about it. Watch this video by a fellow blogger Owen:

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Dragon Naturally Speaking 10 Basic with Discount Coupon Code

Here is a guest article by Brett Bumeter about Dragon Naturally Speaking:

Hello my name is Brett Bumeter and I would like to introduce you to Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10. Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 is a program that enables you to type with your voice by speaking out loud. All you have to do is speak in a normal voice at a normal rate of speed, and your computer will capture every word that you say almost. The program claims to have about 99% accuracy, and it's been my experience using the program over the last two years through versions nine and version 10 that this claim is extremely accurate.

The program is extremely fast whether you're using a noise canceling microphone headset plugged into your computer or whether you're using a pocket MP3 recorder. I actually use both setups and have had great success having my voice and words turned into text by typing them into my computer, as well as using my voice to turn my words into an MP3 file on my MP3 recorder which I can then import into my computer via USB, and have Dragon NaturallySpeaking transcribe those words automatically into text while the computer does something else.

Right now I am writing this particular note to you to kind of show you just what Dragon NaturallySpeaking can do. I say show you because I'm writing this letter with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10. It doesn't take a lot of effort to write with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10, but it does take a little practice in order to start thinking quickly and thinking out loud with your voice. That the nice thing about it is that you don't have to stare at your computer screen for long hours anymore.

Typically when we type with our hands, we tend to look at the computer that were typing on. To be more specific we tend to look at the computer screen, and this wears out our eyes and makes us physically tired. The muscles in our eyes absorb all that light from the screen, and the longer we stare at that light the more tired our body becomes. This can even lead to headaches or migraines or just fatigue in general.

So the cool thing about Dragon NaturallySpeaking is that you can look around the room, look around where ever you happen to be, and taken some sights and smells in that you normally wouldn't have the luxury of doing with your eyes glued to your screen. This really does help to keep your brain moving, and it helps get you thinking outside the box and focused on those things that you need to be focused on.

If you are the type of person that uses a white board quite a bit, you can even stand up and start brainstorming on a whiteboard, while you are simultaneously dictating the thoughts that come to you onto your computer. Now that's not necessarily the most effective way to capture information off of a whiteboard, but if you need the information copied into text form, it can be very useful and I'm simply trying to illustrate a point. :-)

There are many ways that you can use this particular program to save you a great deal of time, to further illustrate that point, I have written this entire note so far in under three minutes flat! That's a little over 175 words per minute, and this is actually the fastest ever time that I have recorded with Dragon NaturallySpeaking. When I used version 9, I had clocked the program running at about 167 words per minute, and so with Dragon NaturallySpeaking 10 and a brand-new laptop, I have just set a new personal record. :-)

That doesn't include editing time which I will go back and do now, but it's still amazing to be a laugh your words and thoughts captured so quickly by your computer.

Brett Bumeter

PS Even with 3 minutes of editing thrown in (which included writing the salutation and a few more lines) this article still only took 6 minutes to write, and that averages out to about 92 words per minute!

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