Tuesday, November 25, 2008

MEGA Brand Toys

There is a great website for toys for kids. It's called MEGA Brand toys. And they have everything from Magnext Dynamix Gears, to a cool dragons figurine to a Magnext iCoaster.

My son would love this Magnext iCoaster! It's a 64 piece coaster that you can put together yourself. It's a state of the art rollercoaster that has a magnetic track it can do stunts and you can even play play music with it! It plays up to 20 background music and sensor beats you can even plug in your MP3 player to it!

Wow that sounds really cool.
The Magnext iCoaster can really bring out a kids imagination. And not only is it fun but it's a learning toy too. Because kids have to put it together themselves.It comes with 10 suggestions on configurations, or you can use your own creativity. It gives them some teachings in science and physics.

I'm sure my son would really love to have this toy! If you have kids you need to buy toys for this holiday season check out MEGA Brand Toys. Hey, I'm sure even the "big kids" meaning boyfriends and husbands, etc. would love one of these toys.

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  1. Hey, I am still recovering from my shoulder surgery, but wanted to drop by and comment on your latest post. I still read lots of posts but cannot type for extended periods of time, so my commenting is limited. I enjoyed this post and I am glad I dropped by.