Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dancing With The Stars Finale

Oh well, Brooke & Derek won Dancing with the Stars. I really wanted Lance and Lacey to win!

Also, one thing I was mad about though was I tried to call the night before to vote and the whole phone voting thing is messed up! You were supposed to get 5 votes per phone line for the finale. I have 3 cell phones I was going to call from, totaling 15 votes, right? Wrong? Guess what? I got through twice.

What happened was the first phone I got through 2 times when I finally got through again, it said I had reached my call limit! It was busy! That's not supposed to count. I called on the second phone. I never got through once. It finally went through and said I had reached my call limit! I didn't even get through one time! I didn't even bother with the third phone. The voting system is messed up.

I was trying to vote for Lance, I mean maybe my 15 votes weren't going to matter in the long run. But who knows how many other people this happened to. The voting system is totally screwed up!