Monday, November 3, 2008

About the Weekend

After Halloween, nothing much exciting happened this weekend. Saturday, my daughter has piano lessons. Took her to that, and by the time we get home it's usually around 2 pm. So we try to think of something to do.

It's hard to think of things to do this time of year, because it's getting a little chiller out. And we are trying not to spend a lot of money so we have to think of things that either require no money or very little money. Which is not that easy to do. We decided to go see if the corn maze, that we have driven by a few times, was open. The little information we found online about it said open September-October. Well Saturday was November 1st, but thought it might be still open. Drove all the way there (it's at least 15 to 20 minutes away) to find out it is all gone. What? I guess they don't waste any time chopping down the maze. What are they out there October 31st cutting it down? Oh well, I don't know how much it costs to go through it, so I just saved myself some money.

Sunday we (more like my husband and I) raked leaves. We have tons of leaves! And most have not even fallen yet, and may not by the time we get the first snow. But we raked up as much as we could and by the time we were done for the day, we had raked 16 leaf bags full! I am actually doing as little raking as I can. I'm doing more of the picking up of the leaves. Mostly because, if you recall the injury I had to my sternum. I guess it was a hematoma, I'm not sure what it is really. But it will be a year next month since I fell and caused this. It is finally almost gone, and last time it acted up again was in the spring. And I really think I aggravated it after raking in the spring, I do not want to chance it, so I'm keeping the raking to a minimum. Luckily my husband doesn't mind and he mostly used a leaf blower. Which he likes using and it makes it a whole lot easier.

So that was basically my weekend. We have a long fall/winter ahead of us. I hope we can come up with ideas for things to do over the weekends. What do you usually do on the weekend?


  1. I wish I could come up with something exciting but, just like you we try and watch how much we are spending. Especially with Christmas coming soon. Not to mention since we have such a big family it costs an arm and a leg to do anything anymore.

  2. I think I can comment again! Yay! We travel a couple of hours to my hometown a lot of the weekends. I am looking forward to a few weekends at home. I love seeing my friends and family up there and hope to move there in a few years but being on the road so much tires me out...

    Good luck coming up with some fun stuff, look forward to reading about it!