Saturday, November 15, 2008

NBC Canceling "My Own Worst Enemy"

I really like the new show "My Own Worst Enemy." And have been meaning to post about it at some point. I haven't gotten around to it til now. But now I just found out that NBC is canceling this show. I'm so mad! This is a really good show. I was really getting in to it!

It stars Christian Slater and reminds me of the show "Alias" and the "Bourne Identity" movies. I didn't start out even planning on watching this show, because I'm not a huge Christian Slater fan. But then Monday nights at 10 there is nothing else on anyway. So I started watching it. And it is a really good show!

Why do they have to cancel all the good shows? And keep on all the dumb reality shows and half hour comedies that aren't even funny! I'm so mad, because every time I start to really like a show it ends up getting canceled! My Own Worst Enemy has only been on barely two months. Why can't they give these shows a chance!

Sorry about the rant, but I'm really fed up with the junk on TV! Just when I found a show I really like too! Whatever happened to giving a show a second chance? I guess they don't do that anymore. Bummer!

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  1. i know i have had the same happen to me. you start looking forward to those days, and when the programmes are gone the day is rubbish isnt it!