Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Cell Phone Deals

Right now there are some really cheap cell phone deals out there. If you need a new cell phone or maybe looking to give one as a gift then now is the time to check out these great cell phone deals.

Companies such as Verizon Wireless are having deals where you could even get a free cell phone. I use Verizon Wireless and I have really had good luck with them. The Verizonwireless Storm looks like a great phone. The Storm is a Blackberry. Last time a got a phone, I wish I had gotten the Blackberry. I really want a Blackberry!

ATT Blackberry Bold also looks like a great phone. And you can get a really good price on this from ATT. Some of the features of it are On-The-Go Email, Advance Bluetooth technology, and a 2.0 megapixel camera, to name a few.

You can also get a Sprint Instinct phone for free with free shipping! The Instinct has touchscreen technology. Which is a great feature. It also has a built in GPS, and you can surf the web on it. And do a lot more with this nice cell phone.

So if you're looking for some great cell phone deals check out all these great phones, and see which one you like!

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