Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tackle it Tuesday

Tackle It Tuesday Meme

This week (well actually for a few weeks, and a few more to come) I have been tackling the leaves in my yard.

Here's a picture taken before raking: (actually this is our second time clearing the yard, we had cleared a lot of the back yard, then it rained and more leaves came down, so we had to clear it again)

Here's a picture after we raked up as many leaves as we could (it was very cold and windy over the weekend):

Here's a picture of all the bags we raked up over the weekend (like I said we had already raked up another batch a few weeks ago)

I feel good we have gotten a lot accomplished with raking the leaves. Last year it had already snowed around this time of year so we had to wait until spring to rake up a lot of the leaves. I hope it snows doesn't snow soon so we can don't have to rake up the leaves.


  1. Since moving to the south, I have to say, that's probably the only thing I really don't miss is raking all the leaves! They sometimes seem endless!
    Nice tackle, that has to feel good!

  2. Great tackle.!! My husband did ours this weekend while I made pies.