Friday, November 21, 2008

Four Foods on Friday 56

Four Foods on Friday time again. Here's this weeks questions:

#1. What’s the worst tasting food you’ve ever eaten?

Anchovies on Ceasar Salad. I love Ceasar Salad and if you get it at a restaurant they usually ask if you want anchovies. One time they just put them on with out asking and I thought I'd try them. Yuck. That was the only time I ever tried them.

#2. Share a funny or embarrassing story about a meal you’ve made.

I was cooking a meal for my in-laws (future in-laws at the time, because it was before we were married.) but I wanted to make a dessert with a meringue topping. I have never made meringue topping in my life so had no idea how to make it. It wasn't coming out right. Was coming out soupy. My friend who was there trying to help had no idea either. I tried calling my mom, she wasn't home. I was starting to panic, when honest to God, I turned on the TV and on PBS was Julia Child, explaining how to make meringue! I couldn't believe it. Julia Child saved me!

#3. What food do you burn or have problems cooking most often?

A lot of times chicken. It either comes out dry, to greasy, to undercooked. I have a hard time getting it just right.

#4. Name two foods you’ll be eating on this Thanksgiving.

Turkey and clam dip! (we always have clam dip at parties as an appetizer!)


  1. No matter how's the outcome of the food, I'm sure your in laws were feeling great to have you cooking for them!

    I have a tag for you, pls check it out:

    Thank you!

  2. I totally feel you on the anchovies! I don't mind if they use one maybe two in the dressing but more than that it just tastes fishy. If they left one whole on my salad i think i'd have to send it back. Yech!