Thursday, October 9, 2008

I Lost My Diamond!

A very scary thing happened to me last night! I lost the diamond in my engagement ring!

After supper and getting the kids to do their homework I sat down on the couch around 7 PM. I started to watch TV, when I looked down at my engagement ring and noticed the diamond was missing from my ring! I couldn't believe it and went into total panic mode.

Not only is my engagement ring worth money (I have no idea how much.) But it has great sentimental value. This ring was actually my Grandmother's engagement ring! She gave it to my husband (even a year before he even asked me to marry him), in order to give it to me when we got engaged. The ring must be at least, I'd say, 70 yrs. old!

In all truth, the ring has never fit me properly. It is to big for my finger, and is somewhat loose. I've always had a fear of it just flying off my finger and losing it that way. And over the years the gold has thinned on it and I feel like it might eventually break through. But I never thought the diamond would just fall out!

To make a long story short,(or longer - ha-ha) I did find the diamond 3 hours later! After searching every room on my hands and knees for 3 hours, I found it! I didn't really go out of the house yesterday, except to my daughter's dance class. So that was the only other place I thought it could be (I was calling there this morning if I didn't find it.) But I found it outside my son's room in the hallway! Thank God. I was very upset about it!

But now I have to go get it fixed somewhere. I have no idea where to take it. And I have no idea how much this is going to cost. But I'm just happy I found it!