Monday, October 6, 2008

The Cereal Crunch

I'm trying a little experiment. I'm not going to buy any more cereal. At least for awhile to see how or if this experiment will work.

Here's my reasoning behind this experiment as to why I'm not going to buy cereal anymore.

1. My kids eat cereal like it's going out of style.
2. Cereal is expensive.
3. My kids don't even eat it for breakfast.
4. They eat it mostly as a snack.
5. Even though I try to get cereal that isn't high in sugar, I still will buy that kind. And I don't think any kind of cereal is that good for you anyway.
6. We will go through at least 2 boxes of cereal a week.
7. We go through 2 or more gallons of milk a week.
8. I want them to drink milk, but when they are just pouring it in the cereal, they don't even end up drinking all the milk, and it's just a waste of milk.
9. Milk is expensive and not using it for cereal will cut down on the consumption and cost of milk.
10. I think there is better snack choices for them, and maybe if there is no cereal they will choose something that is better for them.

So that's most of my reasons for not buying cereal. I'm just sick of buying it and going through so much milk all the time. I need to cut costs somewhere and thought this might help. Not sure if my kids are too happy about it. But I'm going to give it at least another week and see how it goes.

Any thoughts? Do you think this sound like a good idea?


  1. sounds like something good to try another thing you can do is hide the cereal where they normally wont see it and give it to them every now and then and if they ask for it tell them you ran out and gotta get some next time you to store thats what i do then again my daughter is 21 months old so she really doesnt know to much just yet lol

  2. Hi Sue,
    I think there are some healthy choices of cereal out there. Maybe if they snack on it, ask them to pour their milk in a cup to drink instead of their bowel. I also like to put the cup back into the refrigerator, if my daughter doesn't drink it all. She finishes it up throughout the day. She loves her milk. I know milk and cereal is high, but milk is really good for us. I can get my milk cheaper at a gas station and that is a rare thing for cheaper prices. Just sharing my thoughts with you. :-)

  3. Thanks for your ideas guys. I have tried putting it in a different cabinet, but they end up finding it - lol. Your ideas sound good too Robin. I'm still thinking on this.

  4. My husband eats cereal every morning. I clip cereal coupons and wait for it to go on sale and then get 3 or 4 boxes at a time. Good luck.

  5. Switching cereal to wholemeal bread perhaps. It's cheaper, no need to go with milk & healthy too!

  6. I've cut way back on cereal here. Costs too much for a family of 5 to eat it every day. Bagels, waffles, yogurt & granola, eggs, toast w/ peanutbutter... all great breakfasts or snacks for that matter. Good luck!