Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Blogging Updates Part I

A couple of updates about my blog:

Changed my Link list. I found a great post on how to do one myself. Read it here if you want to know how to make one with a scroll box.

It is the same blogroll, I just had to change it because I was using Blogrolling.com. Which appears not to be working anymore. And I had to add a link to my blogroll this weekend and couldn't do it through Blogrolling.com. Which I didn't want to be dependent anymore on them, working or not working.

SezWho is working again on my blog. I noticed the other day that it didn't appear to be working. Then I thought maybe it was because I had bought my own domain, and changed my url. That might of affected it. Even though I think it wasn't working even before that.

But anyway, I got a different key code for it. If you have SezWho, you can add a new blog to it on your preferences. Then they send you an email with a key code, just enter that into the SezWho script. So I did that, and it appears to be working, for now anyway. I'll keep it for now, even though still not sure if I'm convinced of the benefits of it.

So that's a couple of updates. I have a few more, I'll try to post later.


  1. Thanks for the link. I tried to do one with scroll bars a week ago and could not get it to work!!!

  2. i love the scroll bars, makes everything look a bit more organized instead of cluttered