Friday, October 10, 2008

Find Your True Love

In today's day in age finding true love can be hard. Everyone's so busy, working, and a doing all the other activities life has to offer. It's hard to connect with people never mind getting a real date.

The new trend in dating is online dating. Although I'm out of the dating pool, I've been happily married for 14 years, I have friends that are single. I was lucky to meet my husband through my sister and my husband's brother. My husband actually was living across the street from my sister, with his brother, at the time when we met. So it was chance that we met. But not everyone is so lucky, they have a hard time finding their prince charming.

Well now there is a new online dating service, I'm going to tell my single friends about. It's called Now that so many people are online anyway, this sounds like a great way for singles to meet other singles. And sign up is free! You can log onto their website and sign up for free and begin your search for free.

Some of the other great things about are, they are the only internet dating services that conducts criminal background checks on people signing up. They also have coaching and matchmaking services that will give you expert profile and personal ad advice. Another feature is that they screen all applicants so you can be sure your getting a single person, not someone who's married, and no felons! That's good news for someone who's seriously looking for a relationship.

So if you or someone you know is looking for your love connection, then check out, and sign up for free!


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  1. i met my husband through my brother ;) i did an ad on this one too, and it's the first i've seen where you criminal backgrounds are provided, so it is safer.

    have a great weekend sue.