Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Mustela Skin Care Products

I just found out about some great skin care products. They're called Mustela, and they're for mothers to be and baby.

They have a full line of baby products. The products for baby are: daily hygiene, skin protection, bath time and diaper change. They also have a line of sun protection products for babies.

Mustela also has a line of products for expectant mothers. Some of the products they have are stretch marks lotions, lotions for legs, and body firming activator. These are to name a few. When having a baby, expectant mothers can be so focused on the baby they forget to take care of themselves. The line of Mustela products will guarantee mothers take care of themselves too.

I would recommend to my expectant friends, and anyone having a baby the complete line of products. Especially the sun protection products for babies. Babies skin is fragile and should be protected at all times from the sun. Any burn you get when you are young actually increases your risk of cancer when you get older. So it is very important to protect babies skin from the start.

If you want more information on these products visit the Mustela website. They also have a "Parent's Corner." The "Parent's Corner" has tips & advice and FAQ, and a lot more information, that is great for new moms.


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