Wednesday, October 29, 2008

So Far This Has Not Been a Great Day

My daughter woke up this morning and said her ear hurt. She has been having a cough for a little over a week, so I thought it was just from that. I decided to let her stay home from school. And to call her Doctor so they could check her out.

While I was waiting to hear from her Doctor, I got a call from my sister. My sister told me my mother is in the hospital. My mother went to the hospital yesterday because she was having chest pains.

So I tried to call my mom in the hospital but the line was busy. Then I got an appointment for my daughter at 10:45 this morning. Went to the Doctors. The Doctor listened to my daughter's breathing. Then she looked in her ear. She said she has a slight pneumonia! And her ear was swollen and red from that! I couldn't believe it! She will have to take antibiotics and it should clear up. And we have to go back in 10 days. I'm just glad that I actually did call the Dr.!

Then I got back and finally got through to my mother. She has had some tests, they are not sure what it is yet. They are keeping her waiting. You know how hospitals are. Don't know much yet. She hopes to go home today. Not sure if that is going to happen. I hope she's ok.

So that is my day so far.