Saturday, October 4, 2008

Photo Hunters (12 ) 130 "Sad"

This weeks Photo Hunt theme is "sad." Here is a picture of my "sad" vegetable garden. These are my cherry tomato, and tomato plants. They look pretty "sad." And I know that it is fall now and you would expect that, but although they looked a little better in the summer, it was not by much. We had so much rain here this summer that my plants didn't fair very well.

Here is some "sad" pictures of my tomatoes. I only got a few more during the summer that are even pictured here. This is about as much as I got, and as you can see, the "sad" part is I even had to pick them green and they are not very big. So that was my "sad" vegetable garden for the summer. I hope it will be better next summer.