Monday, October 6, 2008

A Solution to International Shipping

Many people living overseas like to shop online and buy products from the US. Because buying products from the US can be cheaper. But many online stores and ebay sellers do not ship internationally. Well now there is a new us mail forwarding solution for anyone who shops or even sells online. is a service that allows shoppers and sellers to use their warehouse in California. Buyers and sellers can finally have international shopping without the hassle. Simply have products shipped to the warehouse and you will be notified my email when they get your package. Then you can use their calculator and see how you want the package forwarded to you anywhere in the world. They use inexpensive USPS Priority, Express or FedEx with a big discount.

So if you need international shipping without the hassle, then sign up for an account. This service is great for international shoppers and also would be great for ebay sellers. They also provide an affiliate program paying 10% commission from their fees.

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  1. Hey Stay at Home Mom! what a breakthrough. Especially for me who lives on the other side of the U.S of A.

    Thanks for sharing that information.

    Gotta bookmark that Link.