Saturday, October 25, 2008

Photo Hunters 133 (15) "Scary"

This weeks theme is "scary." At first I almost skipped this one. But then I thought of a place we went to last weekend. It's called the "Yankee Siege" and they have a big catapult machine that flings pumpkins. My son took these pictures of the castle they have there, and a big wrecking ball. He didn't get a picture of the big catapult machine though.

You could go into the castle. This place was pretty cool. The pumpkin flinging was cool. What is "scary" about it then, you ask. The "scary" part was when we were about to leave, my son went to look at this big front gate they had. I didn't see it actually happen, but he fell into a shaft in the gate. He fell pretty far down this shaft, and scraped his leg up and really bruised it. He was very "scared." We finally saw him in this shaft (for lack of a better word) and pulled him out. He was pretty shaken up. I was "scared" he had broken his leg. He just got pretty banged up. He is ok now. It pretty much put a damper on our previously fun day. I won't be going back there anytime soon. It was pretty "scary."