Friday, October 3, 2008

Go Green With Charter

Charter is now having a great sweepstakes that you can enter. They're giving away a brand new Honda Civic Hybrid worth $24,000.

Enter the sweepstakes by ordering any Charter service online. (You may also enter the contest by simply registering online.) Save on television, high speed, and telephone service and you just might win a car. Which on top of saving on the great Charter services you will be saving on your gas bills. The Civic Hybrid gets up to 45 mpg. And not only will you be getting some terrific Charter services, and saving on your gas bills, you will also be helping the environment.

Some other features of the Civic Hybrid are: Polished Metal Metallic, fabric interior,USB Audio Interface, 110-hp, 8 valve, SOHC i-VTEC 4-cylider engine, continuously variable transmission, and MP3 Auxiliary Input Jack. This sounds like a really great car.

So come on save with Charter and Go Green! Doesn't this sound like a great sweepstakes? In this economy it would be great to save some money on your services and at the same time win a brand new car. I could really get into that. Also with all the environmental problems in the country it would be great to help out with a Hybrid car. If you would like more information you should check out their website for more details.


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