Monday, October 20, 2008

Shop online with buySAFE


Do you do a lot of shopping online? I know I have done more in recent years. A lot more people are turning to online shopping for the convenience. But with the rise of online shopping also has come the rise of online hackers stealing information. It's hard to know who to trust when making purchases online.

Over the past few years I've started buying more Christmas presents online. Going out in the crowds and the various weather at Christmas time has made me turn to more online shopping. A lot of times you can even get better deals online then at the stores. But sometimes I worry about buying online. I worry that it might not be safe or if my personal information will be secure.

Well now there is a a free tool that makes shopping online safer and more secure. The buySAFE Shopping Advisor provides exclusive access to buySAFE Bonded Merchants where purchases are automatically protected with a bond guarantee of up to $25,000 as well as identity theft insurance – all at no cost to you. Shopping Advisor also provides Safe Shopping Ratings on more than 320,000 eCommerce sites in the search results of Google, Yahoo, MSN, and eBay.

So if you want a safe and secure way to shop online then visit the buySafe website and download your free buySafe application. And you'll be on your way to shopping safely online.


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