Monday, October 13, 2008

Two Nice Awards

I received two awards this weekend. The first one was sent to me through Entrecard with this message attached:

The rules are as follows - you may pass the medal on to any blogs either now or in the future that are regular and dedicated droppers onto your site. You may not mention whom you are passing the medal on to or who has given the medal to you. It is a reward to the dedicated droppers of Entrecard and will show other bloggers who they are.

This is the "Gold Medal Top Dropper Award." Thanks to the person (I'm not supposed to mention who) gave it to me.

The other award I received is the Coolest blog award. I received it from Karen & Gerard Zemeks. Thanks guys for the award! **Edit** I also just received this award from Symphony of Love's Blog! Thanks!

I'd like to pass this one to some other "cool" blogs I know:

It is nap time
Mummy Diaries
Healthy Living
On The Verge

Go check out these blogs they're "cool!"