Thursday, October 16, 2008

Invest in a Condo in Panama


If you're looking for a real estate investment, then you should consider Hotel Casco Antiguo. It is located in Panama.

Hotel Casco Antiguo is in the Casco Antiguo region of Panama, and is a condo hotel. Hotel Casco Antiguo will begin construction in 2009, and is available to purchase now. This is a great opportunity to make an investment right at the beginning stages. If you're looking to invest in a condo and maybe a second home then this would be a perfect opportunity to invest in one of the fastest real estate markets in the world.

Hotel Casco Antiguo has 34 Hotel Condo units for sale. Upon it's completion it will have 5 star amenities and service. It will have a rooftop terrace, bar and pool. It will also have Quintessentially Concierge Lifestyle service.

It will be a grand property in a historical setting! So if you're looking for a great investment then Register for an eBrochure Here. Hotel Casco Antiguo in beautiful Panama would be a great place to invest and live!

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