Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Wordpress Power Pack Available

Someday I may want to switch my blog to a Wordpress one. I might do that one day when I'm up for the challenge. Now might actually be a good time for that because of the new Wordpress themes and plugins.

Wordpress now has available the Wordpress Power Pack. Their new collection of addons and scripts
provide the wordpress user with additional features not available in the standard version of Wordpress. And the entire collection is being offered at a great price of $24.95.

They also have 30 new Niche Wordpress blog designs. They have everything from a iPhone Wordpress theme, to Health and Nutrition theme. I liked the looks of the Beach Blog theme, it looks nice.

They also have a lot of useful plugins. They have a Auto Content Generator. That will automate your blog for you. So if you're a Wordpress user check out the new Power Pack, it can really help you motinize your blog with the new Super Adsense Wordpress Theme.
The Adsense-Ready features will instantly embed your Adsense ID on all pages in the most strategic locations making you earn more money. The new Wordpress Powerpack, will provide you with tools and tricks to help improve your Wordpress blog look, function and effectiveness. Check it out today!


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