Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Rainbow Magic Books

My daughter had a book fair at school last Friday. She bought a "Rainbow Magic Book." These are Scholastic books. They are books all about fairies. There is a whole series of different books that follow a certain story line.

The one she picked out was a Fun Day Fairies book. Called "Willow the Wednesday Fairy." She really liked this book. As evidenced by the fact that she got it on Friday and was done with it on Sunday! I was really surprised how fast she finished the book.

She has read other books before, but it usually takes her a long time to finish it. And a lot of times she will get a book and never finish the whole thing. So for her to finish this whole book and so fast, was really great.

She liked the book so much she wanted to get another one. We just got back from the book store (she had a half a day at school today), and she picked out another one. I try to not buy everything they want (like toys), but when it comes to books that's different. Reading is important and if she is interested in these books and will read them, then I'm all for it.

She is in 3rd Grade (8 yrs. old) So I think these books are good for kids (depending on their reading level) even starting at 1st grade through maybe even 5th grade. So if you're looking for a good series of books that will keep kids interest then I would recommend the Rainbow Magic Series.

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