Monday, October 20, 2008

Say It Ain't So - Red Sox Lose!

I'm sad. Red Sox lost last night 3-1. Red Sox won't be going onto the the World Series. It will be Tampa Bay Rays vs. Philadelphia Phillies.

I really thought we had a chance, especially after Pedroia got a home run in the first inning. And we came back from a 3-1 deficit in the series to make it 3-3 and force the game 7. I don't know which is worse, if we had lost Thursday, when I was pretty much resigned to the fact. But then we won Thursday and Saturday, only to come so close and lose. It's almost worse this way.

Oh well. I'm trying not to be to depressed about it. There's always next year. Oh yea, and one more thing TBS stinks. The announcers stink, and Saturday nights game was "experiencing technical difficulties" for almost a half an hour at the beginning of the game. That is ridiculous, this was a really important game and I basically missed the whole first inning. I really hope they don't have the games on there anymore.

No more Red Sox talk till next year, I guess.


  1. I'm with you. :( So sad that the Red Sox lost. I also felt bad for Varitek. Seeing his interview in the locker room was heartbreaking.

  2. Hi Sue,
    I'm sorry your team lost. I know how much you love the Red Sox. Yep, you got next year to see them play again and I hope they win for you. Your eye picture is making me sad. I hate to see people not so happy. So cheer up! Have a fun day! :-)

  3. They say misery loves company ... so let me join you, because I am wallowing in a blue funk that I thought I would have at least partially shaken off two days after the Game 7 loss. I'm WAY more bummed that I expected to be.

    And while I think our odds of getting back to the postseason again next year are really good, I'm still so afraid we're going to hit another long patch of postseason defeat, or no postseason at all ... which makes it hard to see this one slip through our fingers when we almost had it.