Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Johnson & Johnson's Consumer Products

We all know Johnson & Johnson for their baby care products. But I was just on their website and they have a vast number of new consumer products too.

Neutrogena Wave is a new product from Johnson & Johnson. I actually bought this a few months ago for my son. I know, I know it's pink. But besides that it's great for washing your face. My son is already starting to show some signs of an acne problem. And I wanted him to wash his face on a more regular basis. Then he saw the commercial for this and wanted me to buy him one. You put a little pad on it that suds up with water, then you turn it on and it vibrates while you rub it over your face. It does a good job cleaning his face, and has motivated him to wash his face more often.

This is one of the many new consumer products Johnson & Johnson has to offer. So whether it's medical diagnostics, analgesics, endoscopic surgery or interventional cardiology, oral care or wound care, Johnson & Johnson makes the products to make peoples lives better. And of course they still have all the great baby care products you remember. Check out their website for all the great products they have. Like the Neutrogena Wave!

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