Sunday, October 12, 2008

My Favorite Bible Story

One of my favorite bible stories has always been the story of Moses. And how Moses helped free the slaves. He led the slaves out of Egypt, but when they reached the Red Sea, the Israelites where afraid, because there was no way out. And the Pharoah's chariots were closing in on them. There seemed to be no escape.

Moses told them "The Lord will fight for you, you only need to be still." God told Moses to lift up his rod and stretch it over the sea to divide it, and the children of Israel could cross. Moses, did so and the Red Sea parted. The Israelites went through on dry land. When the Egyptians saw the Israelites doing this they followed too. But the water came crashing down on them and they were all lost at sea. The Israelites made it across safely. Find out more about this bible story in Exodus 14.

This story pertains to today too. God helped the the Isrealites escape from danger, when they believed in Him, and asked for his help. Today, God will help us too, if we ask for help. He will show us the way out of our troubles if we look to Him for help.

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  2. i liked that story too. we used to have loads of them told at school

    im into fairy tales too and im a grown woman lol

  3. It is mine and my daughter's favorite Bible story too.