Friday, October 17, 2008

A Great Toothbrush for Kids

The other day my daughter and I were in Walmart. I was looking for a replacement head for my electric toothbrush. And my daughter picked up a toothbrush and asked me if she could get it. She didn't really need a new toothbrush yet, so I hesitated for a second. But then I looked at the price, which was only like $1.88 for two (together) toothbrushes, I said sure. Plus if she wants a toothbrush, and I'm lucky to exit Walmart with just that I guess I shouldn't complain.

So anyway, she picked out a "FireFly" toothbrush. Which is a really cool toothbrush. What's cool about it, is that it lights up while you brush. You bend the bottom of the toothbrush, and a light flashes for one minute. So that you know how long to brush for. You brush the tops for one minute, then when your done, push it again and brush the bottoms for one minute. My daughter has truthfully over the years given me a hard time about brushing her teeth. But she really seems to like this toothbrush. And has been brushing the 2 minutes!

This toothbrush is great! If it will get her to brush better and more, I'm all for it. I know there is probably other ones out there like this, but I really like this "FireFly" toothbrush. And you can't beat the price! Check out Walmart, if you want to get one.


  1. Sounds cool! I love your new spooky banner!!!!

  2. We have these too. They are pretty cool. Like your banner!