Thursday, December 11, 2008

My Daughter's a Mystery

I finally made up that teacher's conference I had missed before Thanksgiving. (Read about that here)

My daughter's teacher said she was doing well. All except for in spelling. Which I knew she was going to say that anyway. For some reason both my kids just can't spell to save their lives. And the teachers are always worried about it. Mostly because they think it will affect their reading. But it doesn't. Even though they are lousy spellers, the can read just fine. And are actually very good readers. So the teacher said my daughter was a mystery.

She also said that at the beginning of the year she was kind of quiet and shy. The teachers always say that, but that is not the person I know. My daughter is far from shy at home. And even with other things. I mean I think she's pretty outgoing. She does tons of social activities (dance, Brownies, etc.) So it always surprises me when they say she is shy. But I guess it just takes her awhile to adjust at the beginning of the year. (another mystery)

The teacher said she wasn't as shy now. And she actually has a pretty dry sense of humor. My daughter will say funny stuff in class that is very dry. Her teacher said she gets a kick out of it and said it was like having a little old lady in the class. I took her to mean she is kind of mature for her age. (another mystery)

So all in all she is doing well in all her subjects (except spelling), and gets along with everyone. So I am pleased, and I'm happy I got to go to the conference after all.