Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Computer Problems

Crap & Double Crap! Something is wrong with my computer! Since about 3 PM yesterday my computer is not working right. The whole thing crashed yesterday. I tried to get it going again for about 5 hours and finally gave up.

This morning when I turned it on I was hoping for a miracle. But something is still wrong. It's not the lcd monitor. I know how to use computers, but know nothing of the technical side of it. But I think it's the "Processor." It doesn't seem to be running right. I have no idea how to fix it!

It is taking all I can just to get this post written. And to top it all off, ever since yesterday I'm getting these annoying pop-ups! I went to the thing were you block them, but they still keep coming up. I don't know how to stop them.

Crap, Crap & Double Crap!!!!