Thursday, December 11, 2008

Thursday Thirteen #17 "Things I Still Have to Do Before Christmas"

With only 2 weeks left till Christmas, I still have tons of stuff to get done. Here is 13 things I need to do before the Big Day:

1. Buy my Mom's presents
2. Buy my in-law's presents
3. Buy stocking stuffers
4. Buy "Teacher's gifts"
5. Wrap everything
6. Take my daughter to see Santa
7. Make gingerbread cookies
8. Make sugar cookies
9. Find out what kind of food I'm supposed to bring to my mother's on Christmas
10. Buy the food I'm supposed to bring to my mother's on Christmas
11. Feel guilty because this year I just don't feel like sending out Christmas cards
12. Oh yea, buy the wrapping paper to wrap all the gifts
13. And I just realized I might need to get my daughter a new outfit to see Santa in!

Hope you're doing better then me with your Christmas lists! Happy Thursday Thirteen.


  1. I wasn't going to make sugar cookies this year. I didn't want to. My husband came home last night with the ingredients I needed. I guess I can add that to my list.

  2. My todo is very similar to yours! I did send out cards and do having wrapping paper and have the santa outfit but the others, pretty close!

    Good luck and Happy TT!

  3. Actually, I am also woefully behind. We'll make it!

  4. I was going to do my list but I was afraid I would come up with more than 13 and have a panic attack! lol Happy TT!

  5. I still need to do my Christmas shopping... but first, we have to move!


  6. I almost made gingerbread cookies last night. If the counter had been clean, I would have.

  7. We have way too much Christmas shopping left to do, but the big things are out of the way. Hope you have a blessed holiday season!

    Happy T13!

  8. I'm not doing any of the traditional stuff to prepare for Christmas this year. We're moving right before, so I still need to pack. Good times.


  9. I've got my mom's and sister's presents down, the kids and my dad are next (gotta get something to make dad's). Nothing for the hubby...we just don't do that, sorta fell off after a few years.

    I was wondering though, do you have a good sugar cookie recipe? The one I used to use quit working for me (or maybe it was my fault?).

    Anyhow, I put up pictures to remind myself of warmer times.


  10. WOW! I haven't even started, yet! lol

  11. with you on this. I get worse every year. We are running out of time!! Happy TT and thanks for stopping by:)