Sunday, December 21, 2008

Dreaming of a Vacation!

Right about now, with about a foot of snow on the ground, and maybe a foot more today, I could really use a vacation. There is some really great deals on cruises right now. In fact, with Vacations To Go, you can save 75% on last minute cruises.


Today being the first day of winter, I could seriously go for a cruise to anywhere warm. Possibly the Bahamas or even Jamaica. I know times are tough economically but at the prices Vacations To Go is offering it is possible to go on a cruise for a real discount.

Now that I'm older I usually like to plan a trip way in advance. But in my younger days I was a little more spontaneous. One time right after I had graduated from college a few of my friends and I planned a trip to California. It was so last minute, I even booked the trip before I even had asked for the time off from my job. My boss almost wasn't even going to give me the time off, but I had already paid for the trip! That was really spontaneous!

I'd love to be that spontaneous again. And with Vacations To Go you can explore what kinds of deals you can get for a last minute cruise using their 90-Day Ticker tool. What are you waiting for, go check it out!



  1. Ya know, I lived so many years in Galveston, Texas where a major cruise port is, and I never went on one. I worked literaly less than a block from the port and I never actually went on a cruise. Shame. hehe

  2. Going on a cruise is certainly the best vacation from an ROI perspective. Although I've been on about 7, I haven't since we had kids. Can they still be fun? I know bringing them will cut into my mixed drinks...