Saturday, December 27, 2008

Computer Problem Update

Hey all! Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! We had a great one. The kids were happy and had a great time.

My computer is totally on the fritz! I am typing this from a computer at my library! The computer has gotten worse over the past couple of days. Maybe I need some memory upgrades! I know this library computer does. It is slow going doing anything on this library computer.

But not sure if mine is going to be able to be fixed. My husband talked to the computer guy at Best Buy and he said it costs $70.00 just for them to look at it. Then it could be up to two weeks or more before they even fix it. That is if it can even be fixed. The computer guy asked him if it was over 3 years old. (it is about 4 1/2 yrs. old) The computer guy said it could cost more to fix it then it would be to get a new one.

My husband is going to talk another place on Monday. It's near where he works, and see what they say. One of the things if I get a new one, is I have not saved all my pictures! I have maybe 50% saved to disk, but not the rest. I will lose the rest of the pictures. So I'm kind of upset about that.

So that is the update for now. I'm sorry to anyone from Entrecard. As I am unable to do any dropping for now and any advertising, etc. I'm probably dropping way down - oh well. There is nothing I can do until I get my computer straightened out one way or the other.

Also thanks to everyone for your comments on my recent posts. I am also unable to return any comments and visit you all at this time. I hope too soon! If I can't get back here - I want to wish you all a Happy New Year!

One thing I know is I'm having like computer withdrawals! What did we ever do without them?


  1. Best Buy or any other Computer repair place can try to copy stuff off your old hard drive. Of course they do charge for that service, but it may be worthwhile if you have lots of photos or any important files.

  2. Yep, The Geek Squad over charges. Your hard drive sounds fine, the problem is in some other hardware or a problem with spyware. If everyone is saying it will cost and arm and leg to do this and that, at the very least ask them, "How much will is cost just to retrieve everything from my hardrive?" Essentially, that would be them just putting your hard drive in their computer and putting the contents on disks for you to have. Atleast then you'd know for sure you'd have all of that for when you do get the computer fixed or a new one, because you do run the risk of things getting worse the the hard drive being ruined. Good luck!

  3. Hi Sue,

    I've been checking with your Blog to see if you have any update on the status of your Computer.

    It is with dismay that I now read that your Computer has gotten worse.

    Actually, a brand new computer does not take that long to assemble, install the basic Operating system and to configure the rest. It only takes under 2 hours to complete the task. I ought to open a business over where you are. LOL!

    I posted about how much it cost to assemble a new computer. You could read it at :

    Perhaps, you should have your husband to read that Post, jot down the particulars and see if any Computer shop will accept an order to assemble only a CPU.

    Unless you need to have a complete new set, you can cut down your expense by only purchasing the Computer Processing Unit (the computer tower). The existing monitor, keyboard, mouse, speakers, webcam, etc., can still be used and that's savings)

    About your graphics and other data, there are ways to recover, save them and later to be transferred to the new computer's hard disk.

    If it costs too much to recover your graphics and other data, then request the Computer shop to add your old hard disk as a "slave" inside your CPU. You can then access it on your own time and transfer all your data over to your the hard disk in your new Computer.

    (If you do that, please make sure that one of the first things that you do when you start your new Computer is to scan your old hard disk for virus/malware/spyware and clean it before proceeding with any data transfers)

    About memory, depending on the Windows that you use, this is the best time to add as much memory as your budget allows. Do not install anything less than 1 Gigabyte of memory. If Windows XP - 1 Gb. If VISTA - 2 or even 4 Gb.

    Memory is dirt cheap in the present time and the price is still falling. So take full advantage. A good quality 2Gb memory cost around USD21.00 today.


  4. Sorry to hear your computer is still down. Hope you can get it fixed cheaply soon. Have a happy new year!

  5. Good luck! Hope it gets taken care of soon!

  6. I had the same problem with my computer back the end of October and took it to the Geek Squad. They were able to fix it and I had them copy everything on a back up disk for me as well. Mine is not as old as yours though. Good luck. I know we felt very lost without it and I used the library one just like you did. It's not all bad though. Check out my post about it at:

  7. Hi Sue,
    I hope you get your computer going real soon. We both got a PageRank of 2. I am so happy for us. Wishing you and your family a very Happy New Year! :-)

  8. Sorry you have been having such a bad time with your computer - it's so frustrating - especially as nowadays children appear to be doing more and more homework on them. Hope you manage to sort it all out soon - though it sounds as though you may need to either purshase a new one or buy new parts (not recommended unless you have a family friend that can advise which and assemble it all for you!)

    On another note - may I wish you and your family a happy and healthy New Year - with my best wishes, Polly.

  9. oh no mate first the electrics not this :(

    hope you have a better new year mate

  10. Hope you're back up and running soon. Why do these things always happen around Christmas? I've been using my daughter's since May, but finally got my own at Christmas. Check out Best Buy. They are having some deals right now. Also Circuit City. They're willing to deal.

  11. Happy New Year! I hope you get up and running soon!

  12. Hugs on the computer problems. I feel your pain, having had a lot of problems this year.

    Happy New Year.

  13. Hi Sue, I hope you are able to get your computer problems fixed soon. I just wanted to say thanks for all the support of my blog this past year. It is much appreciated! Looking forward to a great 2009! Best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous New Year!

  14. Oh no Sue, that is terrible! I wasn't aware of your computer problems. I hate replacing my computer. It is always a pain in the butt. I wish you the best of luck in finding a new one! I hope you had a great New Year!