Wednesday, December 3, 2008

9 Stores

Yea! I found the things I was looking for! It only took a trip to 9 different stores to find them! My kids don't really read my blog so I guess it's safe to say. But I was given explicit instructions on certain Webkins to find for Christmas. The Snowman, Dragon, Lil' kinz lion, Lil' kinz chickadee. Well after going to 4 different stores I found them all.

Saw the lion at Walgreens the other day but didn't buy it. Went to one store yesterday, they only had the dragon, and chickadee. Didn't buy them. What was I thinking? I had hopes of just buying them all in one store. And I wanted to make doubly sure which ones they wanted for Christmas. So after rechecking with them, I went to another store today and found the Snowman, which I did buy. Then went back to the other store and bought the Dragon and Chickadee. Luckily I did because it was the last two Dragons. Then stopped at a different nearby Walgreens, of course they didn't have the lion. So drove all the way to the other Walgreens and found the lion!

Also found the Gingerbread cookie cutter today, I have been looking for. Which I have searched for in 3 stores! My daughter wants to make a gingerbread house and make gingerbread cookies too. I paid $4.99 for it. Which I was debating on but was not about to search anymore for one. But is it me or does that seem like a lot for a cookie cutter?

Oh well I can check some stuff of my Christmas list. After traveling to 9 different stores to find everything! Don't you just love Christmas Shopping?

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  1. You are such a good Mommy! I haven't been able to find the ones the girls want yet either. I have tried a few places and have a few more in mind to go to. Wish me luck!