Saturday, December 13, 2008

Major Ice Storm in New Hampshire

Hi everyone. I am blogging at my mother's house. The reason you ask? Is because there has been a major ice storm in my state of New Hampshire. And surrounding states too. But my power went out at 11:30 Thursday night. And could take days, yes days! to restore. My family and I have come down to stay at my mother's house. She lives in Massachusetts about 30 miles south of me and was not affected by this storm.

So since Thursday night we do not have power. Power lines Friday morning were down in the streets all around us. My neighbors two houses down had a tree fall on their van. The whole windshield was smashed on their van. Trees were down all over the place and in the streets. There was no school today.

I was hoping the power would be back on Friday morning. But after digging up some batteries to listen to the radio, we heard the extent of the damage. I then called my electric company around 9 Friday morning, to hear a recording that stated over 100,000 customers in the state were affected. By 2:00 this afternoon that number was up to 350,000 customers. I then called around 10 Friday night and the recording said this was the worst storm in the companies history. And that service could take "several days" to restore!

So I have no idea when we will get power back on. My husband is going to drive home tomorrow to check the house. And we are in contact with a neighbor who will give us any news if hopefully the power comes on soon. But until we have power we will stay at my mother's, were there is heat and electricity.

So although I have power and access to a computer at my mother's my Entrecard dropping is virtually non existent because I can't do it the same here. And blogging isn't as easy. But I just hope we get power soon! This was very unexpected. So that's it for now. Sorry for the rambling!


  1. Hi Sue,
    Thank God you had your mother's house to stay at. Stay warm and be safe out there on the roads. I do not like to drive in these conditions, unless I absolutely have to. I hope they get your electric back on real soon. Thanks for letting us know. :-)

  2. oh yuck.. that stinks! I love winter, but it stinks when you don't have electric!!

  3. It's blogs like this that make me think twice about moving permanently to the Northeast. I miss the snow, the four seasons, etc. But the ice storms that knock out power would be an issue. So glad you have family not to far from home. My kids would love the snow and no school days.

  4. Sorry about all of this. Glad you are warm and safe!