Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Credit Card Harassment

A certain credit card company keeps harassing my husband and I with phone calls. We do owe them some money. But I still don't feel they have the right to call my phone 10 times a day and then my husband's phone 10 times too. And it also bugs me that they leave messages saying they have an "affiliate program we might be interested in." Or "they have a program that can save us up to $300.00." And various other messages.

This is all just a guise to get us to call them back. I don't feel like they have the right to call with these false messages all in an attempt to get us to call them. I finally called the company to find out what it was all about and she said it's because we owe them money.
I told her why do they keep calling me and leaving these messages about affiliate programs, etc. She didn't even have an answer she just said it was vital my husband calls them back.

I was so mad! I mean isn't this false advertising or something? How can they call me with these claims that aren't even true? This is so ridiculous! I really want to switch companies. If we can't pay them off at least I will try to transfer the balance to another company. I 'm going to start checking some
american express credit card limits.


  1. Seriously, isn't that against the law? I would check!


  2. Actually they can NOT call you claiming they need to speak to you about one thing and it be for collecting on a bill. If you tell them to call back only during certain times they are required to bide by that and not call you several times a day whenever they want. In fact, if you send them a certified cease and desist letter they are not allowed to call you again, period. They must put any and all contact in writing after they get that letter. You can file a complaint against them with the federal trade commission. (the file a complaint link is all the way at the bottom) http://www.ftc.gov/bcp/edu/pubs/consumer/credit/cre18.shtm

  3. Credit Cards... Loan sharks... a rose by any other name?

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone. Thanks for the info. Amy I'll have to check that out.

  5. I don't whether such practice is legal or not in your country but morally it is completely wrong and I really hate people with such low moral standard. Good that you highlighted this issue. Great posting Sue. Keep it coming.

  6. bummer.when I just got out of the service I found my self in the same problem. I finally got an unlisted number and did not give them the new number I did pay the money off though.
    Now for the nice thing I have a award for you on my site as a top dropper and I also gave you some linky love.

  7. Both my home phones (cordless) are dead dead dead so we are getting no home phone calls right now.

    This would irritate me as well! Good luck with it.

  8. Oh man can I relate to this blog. They really do call too often and of all hours. We have some that were calling from 8 am to 8 pm. The worst are the ones who claim they have a "legal" matter to deal with. Or they use the word "case number" like it's a criminal thing, when really they just mean the number of your account with them. If we could go to jail over credit card debt, most of the world would be in prison.

    Luckily, if you have the phone number you can google it and find out who they are and if they have already been reported. Every single phone number I look up that calls me has already been reported and there are pages of people posting their bad experience with them.

    I then block them :o)

  9. This is very annoying. I had a similar experience with some "bill collector" which I still believe was a fraud. Anyhow, once you tell them not to call anymore, by law they must stop.

  10. this is harrassement, clearly constant calling is meant to only to harass and is not professional by any means