Saturday, December 6, 2008

Photo Hunters 21 "Breakfast"

This weeks Photo Hunters theme is "breakfast." My daughter loves Santa and visits him every year to sit on his lap. She still wants to go this year, even though she's 8 soon to be 9. And a few times we have gone to some "breakfast's" with Santa.

Here's a few pictures from last year's "breakfast" with Santa at our local YMCA.





  1. Your daughter is cute. She looks just like you. Looks like she had fun at the Y. I love your Christmas background!

  2. Yup, your daughter is adorable!~

  3. My guess is she enjoyed being w/ Santa more than the breakfast. :)

  4. Oh my how fun is that huh? Wow breakfast with Santa. Both of your kids are simply adorable.

    Happy hunting and happy weekend:-)

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    Here's where my post is.

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  5. Breakfasts with Santa make such great memories. Great photos.

    Stop by and see my Photo Hunt if you have time.

  6. Hi Sue,
    Really nice pictures of your family visiting Santa for breakfast. You are going to have a lot of great memories in pictures, to cherish, as your family gets older. :-)

  7. That's a sweet pic of your daughter on Santa's lap. I need to take my little toddler to see Santa soon! Both of your kiddos are cute. Merry Christmas! :)

  8. It's nice that they offer it. For us, it was the Santa Train brought in by the Boy Scouts.

    Ah, those were the days.

  9. every time i see your daughter sue, is just like looking at you as a little girl- its so sweet!