Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Stylish Eyeglasses Starting at $15.00

I found a website that sells eyeglasses starting at only $15.00. I know more and more people who are having to wear eyeglasses and at these prices they can't go wrong.

In this economy buying them online is a great idea. My friends and family won't want to buy them at the store again. Especially at these prices, they could even get a different stylish frame for every day of the week.

And I think those I know who wear eyeglasses will be happy with the variety of products available. Such as:

  • Complete prescription eyeglasses (include Anti-reflective coating for free)
  • Tinted sunglasses
  • Bifocal reading glasses
  • Progressive reading eyeglasses
  • Photochromic sunglasses
There are also some great features I'm sure they would like. Including, a virtual try-on system, free shipping (when more then one pair is ordered), and fast delivery - eyeglasses arrive within one week.

They have a great variety of trendy and stylish frames to choose from. I would also tell anyone interested to check out other customers testimonials on the testimonial page.

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