Friday, August 1, 2008

What would you bring with you if the world was ending?


If the world was coming to an end what item would you you bring with to a new planet if the Earth was destroyed? That is the question posed by the new online game Operation Immortality: Leave your mark. Save Humanity.

If I was to able to bring only one item (other than my family), I just thought of what I would bring. It sounds a little foolish, but the one thing I really like is coffee! Assuming that they have food and everything else you would need to survive. Maybe they don't have coffee on this new planet.

I would bring a life time supply of coffee (assuming they also have a way to cook it on the new planet) But I just can't imagine not waking up in the morning without at least my two cups of coffee! I guess I really need my coffee!

The free online game Tabula Rasa is what got me thinking about this. This is a really cool game where in case the Earth is destroyed by global warming, bio-terrorism, asteriods, etc., a piece of humanity will be saved. And they are trying to save humanities greatest achievement - which is digitized human DNA and personal messages of all people around the world.

If you sign up and play for free you can have your message saved on the game. And read messages from people from all over the world. This archive of of humanities "saved game" will be stored on The International Space Station by Richard Garriott, the maker of the game, and a private citizen who traveled into space.

You also can have the chance to register to have your DNA sent into space. Wow that sounds like something really interesting. If this all sounds cool to you head over to their website and sign up and play Tabula Rasa for free!
Sponsored by Operation Immortality


  1. Your response is so perfect. I cannot agree more. I mean, they probably have some sort of food and beverage, but there's a good chance there will be no actual coffee. So, I say we must make sure that sufficient coffee beans are brought along (at least for you and me).

  2. I'd bring some pictures. Just dropping by to say thanks for being a top EC dropper for July over at Spice World. :)

  3. I cannot agree more with you.
    Just translate my nick from spanish and you'll see :)
    Regards from Uruguay.